Exposed classes


Properties and methods

class NoteApi {
    Q_PROPERTY(int id)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString name)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString fileName)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString fullNoteFilePath)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString fullNoteFileDirPath)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString relativeNoteFileDirPath)
    Q_PROPERTY(int noteSubFolderId)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString noteText)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString decryptedNoteText)
    Q_PROPERTY(bool hasDirtyData)
    Q_PROPERTY(QQmlListProperty<TagApi> tags)
    Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime fileCreated)
    Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime fileLastModified)
    Q_INVOKABLE QStringList tagNames()
    Q_INVOKABLE bool addTag(QString tagName)
    Q_INVOKABLE bool removeTag(QString tagName)
    Q_INVOKABLE bool renameNoteFile(QString newName)
    Q_INVOKABLE QString toMarkdownHtml(bool forExport = true)
    Q_INVOKABLE QString getFileURLFromFileName(QString localFileName)
    Q_INVOKABLE bool allowDifferentFileName()

You can use the methods from Date to work with fileCreated or fileLastModified.



// renames a note to "new"
note.renameNoteFile("new name");

// check if it is allowed to have a different note file name than the headline


Properties and methods

class TagApi {
    Q_PROPERTY(int id)
    Q_PROPERTY(QString name)
    Q_PROPERTY(int parentId)
    Q_INVOKABLE TagApi fetchByName(const QString &name, int parentId = 0)
    Q_INVOKABLE QStringList getParentTagNames()


Properties and methods

class MainWindow {
    Q_INVOKABLE void reloadTagTree();
    Q_INVOKABLE void reloadNoteSubFolderTree();
    Q_INVOKABLE void buildNotesIndexAndLoadNoteDirectoryList(
            bool forceBuild = false, bool forceLoad = false);
    Q_INVOKABLE void focusNoteTextEdit();
    // Creates a new note subfolder in the current subfolder
    Q_INVOKABLE bool createNewNoteSubFolder(QString folderName = "");
    // Inserts html in the current note as markdown
    // This method also downloads remote images and transforms "data:image"
    // urls to local images stored in the media directory
    Q_INVOKABLE void insertHtmlAsMarkdownIntoCurrentNote(QString html);


// Force a reload of the note list
mainWindow.buildNotesIndexAndLoadNoteDirectoryList(true, true);

// Creates a new note subfolder "My fancy folder" in the current subfolder
mainWindow.createNewNoteSubFolder("My fancy folder");

// Inserts html in the current note as markdown
mainWindow.insertHtmlAsMarkdownIntoCurrentNote("<h2>my headline</h2>some text");