QOwnNotes Scripting

A QOwnNotes script is mostly JavaScript in Qt QML files.

Example hello-world.qml

import QtQml 2.0
import QOwnNotesTypes 1.0

Script {
     * Will be run when the scripting engine initializes
    function init() {
        script.log("Hello world!");

You can place those QML files anywhere you like and add use them in QOwnNotes by adding them in the Scripting settings.


Take a look at the example scripts to get started fast.

In the Scripting settings you can also install scripts directly from the Script repository.

For issues, questions or feature requests for scripts from the Script repository please open an issue on the QOwnNotes script repository issue page.


If you want to propose a script for the Script repository please follow the instructions at QOwnNotes script repository.

If you need access to a certain functionality in QOwnNotes or have questions or ideas please open an issue on the QOwnNotes issue page.


For logging you can use the script.log() command to log to the log widget.