• Sonnet with Hunspell is used for spellchecking
  • Under Linux you need to install the Hunspell dictionaries for your language
    • If you need to add additional language files you can do so in ~/.local/share/hunspell
    • If you are using the Snap package of QOwnNotes you can also use ~/hunspell for language files, since the Snap can’t access ~/.local
  • Under Windows you need to copy Hunspell dictionaries for your language to a folder dicts in your QOwnNotes application folder or in C:\Users\[username]\dicts
  • Under macOS the native spellchecker will be used
  • You can download more dictionaries from LibreOffice dictionaries and copy them to /Library/Spelling or ~/Library/Spelling, if the directory doesn’t exist you need to create it

You can also use the Dictionary manager in the Edit menu to download or removed dictionaries.

If you are missing a dictionary to download please look for it at LibreOffice dictionaries and propose a change of the dictionary manager dialog to include it in the next release of QOwnNotes.

  • First open the relevant folder, for example en (remember that folder name)
  • Then find the .dic and .aff files in that folder and note their name (remember the base name, likw en_GB)
  • Open the dictionary manager dialog and press the Edit button
  • A line there might look like addDictionaryItem(tr("English (British)"), QStringLiteral("en"), QStringLiteral("en_GB"));
  • Duplicate that line and edit it - Instead of English (British) write in the English name of your language - Instead of en write in above folder name - Instead of en_GB write in above file base name
  • Commit the changes of the file and follow the instructions to open a pull request

Note: - If you can’t find your language in this table then unfortunately a dictionary for it doesn’t exist in the LibreOffice files - If you want to create a dictionary, go to the Documentfoundation.org Dictionaries Development

Sr Language Code Language
1 af_ZA Afrikaans (South Africa)
2 an_ES Aragonese - Spain (ES)
3 ar Arabic
4 be_BY Belarusian
5 bg_BG Bulgarian
6 bn_BD Bengali
7 bo Tibetan
8 br_FR Breton - France
9 bs_BA Bosnian
10 ca Catalan
11 cs_CZ Czech
12 da_DK Danish
13 de German
14 el_GR Greek
15 en English
16 es Spanish
17 et_EE Estonian
18 gd_GB Gaelic
19 gl Galician
20 gu_IN Gujarati
21 gug Guarani
22 he_IL Hebrew
23 hi_IN Hindi
24 hr_HR Croatian
25 id Indonesian
26 it_IT Italian
27 kmr_Latn Kurdish (Kurmandji)
28 lo_LA Lao
29 lt_LT Lithuanian
30 lv_LV Latvian
31 ne_NP Nepali
32 nl_NL Dutch
33 no Norwegian
34 oc_FR Occitan
35 pl_PL Polish
36 pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese
37 pt_PT Portuguese
38 ro Romanian
39 ru_RU Russian
40 si_LK Sinhalese
41 sk_SK Slovak
42 sl_Sl Slovenian
43 sq_AL Albanian
44 sr Serbian
45 sv_SE Swedish
46 sw_TZ Swahili
47 te_IN Telugu
48 th_TH Thai
49 tr_TR Turkish
51 uk_UA Ukrainian
52 vi Vietnamese
53 zu_ZA Zulu